The Problem

During the first lockdown of the pandemic, there was a dire need for prompt healthcare where visiting clinics and hospitals was limited. Even consulting the nearest GPs became a problem.

The Solution

HealthX is a health and wellness super app which is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka that connects users with nearest doctors and other healthcare providers. It is an out of the box health tech product with location-based doctor booking facility.

The Approach

An user-friendly App with three main features, details of the nearest doctor or clinic, with the distance for cliniv visit bookings. Secondly, it facilitates home visits allowing the doctor to uberise working part-time while serving the community. Thirdly, it offers video consultation to make the process more accessible.

Our Process

  • Market problem identification & solution ideation
  • Recruitment of the team – Tech, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Finance
  • Doctors, Pharmacies and Labs acquisition
  • MVP launch and validation with the early adopters
  • Iteration for product-market fit and launch of the actual app and web portalĀ 
  • Branding and go to market with public launch
  • Agile business model to accommodate innovation

Our Awards

2021 – Best Web Awards – Gold – Best Health & Wellness Website

2021 – Best Web Awards – Bronze – Overall


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